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Books 31-40.

31. Wills - The Food Bible: The Ultimate Reference Book For Food & Your Health
Mainly read this to make my diet better, but it has some good hints on what to eat during different stages of life to really get benefits from eating the right food, to prevent some illnesses, to make some illnesses easier and what to eat during some illnesses, plus some nutrition charts. Quite British-concentrated but still useal for others. :)

32. W. Owen - The Poems Of...
A slim one, but the poems are good.

33. Oliver - Jamie's Ministry Of Food
Unlike many other cookbooks of his that I have read, most of the recipes here are something that I would try, and the pictures are mouth-wateringly good. :9

34. Alger - Ragged Dick
It's about a shoe-shine boy slowly through luck and good character working his way up to a more wealthier level (though still far from even middle-class life) in the late 19th century New York... although it's American Dream-optimistic capitalism and a bit old-fashioned, it's still inspiring, heart-warming and a quick read. If just one book from him, this will do since all other books after this debut are pretty much the same formula and perhaps less fresh.

35. Okakura - The Book Of Tea
A piece of history, and for many Westerners of the book's release time (pre-WWI) the first glimpse of Japanese tea ceremony, architecture and 'Zennism' when such things were little known and the view people had of Japan and Asia was quite biased. Short and to the point yet beautiful read, so recommended.

36. Bailey - Poet & Peasant + Through Peasant Eyes: A Literary-Cultural Approach To The Parables In Luke 15
37. Bailey - Finding The Lost: Cultural Keys To Luke 15
The first one combines two books. The second of these and the lower book are re-reads. Very good books to really understand the meaning behind the parables by introducing 'keys' of the cultural world of that time period and community to really open the meaning of these parables and their interesting forms. A bit academic but not hard to follow even if you're not, which is why I bought them a couple of years after reading them in Finnish first.

38. Guardini - The Rosary Of Our Lady
39. Groeschel - The Rosary: Chain Of Hope
Paired these: both talking about the mysteries of the rosary in their own ways. The first is older so it talks only about the traditional three, but does so in a short, plain yet sympathetic and warm way.
The second is hope-themed with some beautiful pictures and includes Pope John Paul II's letter on Rosary which introduced the Luminous Mysteries. It however has the author's opinions handled in a manner that grates with me, so I don't think I will keep it - it doesn't really offer anything new for me - so that is going to the library donation. Borrow and read before buying.

40. Armstrong - Your Own Mysteries: Praying Your Life Through The Rosary
This one I found interesting and would say it's worth having if you want to have other sets of mysteries for a rosary for variation. It introduces some possible themes one could use on a rosary (like favorite Psalm bits, Isaiah bits, how Jesus grew into deciding his vocation etc.) and how one can build one's own sets from one's life and/or the Bible. Hard to describe it here, but it's a great little book to have. Recommended.
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