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July 2013 Reading

July 2013 Reading:

31. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea, by Charles Seife (248 pages)
This book took me about a month to read, and for a time I was worried it was getting beyond my mathematical comprehension. You see, I failed calculus, twice. But thanks to this book, I understand why--I did the same thing I tend to do with languages; I apply English rules to other languages, and I was trying to apply algebra rules to calculus. But they're different languages. If I were to try again with this understanding, I might be able to do it. This book has given me a better understanding of the history of mathematics and the theories that exist. I especially loved the marriage of astrophysics to mathematics, and the idea of vacuum as, kind of, everything and nothing at once. I was also able to see how math and physics go into the creation of shows like Doctor Who. Definitely a favorite, and I found it helpful that Seife was quirky and humorous instead of dry and boring.

32. Bone Quest for the Spark: Volume 1, by Tom Sniegoski (218 pages)
I thought this was a graphic novel sequel to Bone, but it turns out it's a series of short novels. I'm not disappointed in the least. It's definitely meant for a younger crowd, but has the same feel as the Bone comics. I enjoy the characters so far, and like the return of Roderick.

July pages: 466

Pages to date: 9,199

Progress: 32/50

July 2013 Comics/Manga Reading:

211. Boys Over Flowers: Volume 23, by Yoko Kamio (192 pages)
212. Bone: Volume 6, by Jeff Smith (128 pages)
213. Bone: Volume 7, by Jeff Smith (160 pages)
214. Bone: Volume 8, by Jeff Smith (144 pages)
215. Bone: Volume 9, by Jeff Smith (224 pages)
216. Rose, by Jeff Smith (144 pages)
217. Bone: Tall Tale, by Jeff Smith (128 pages)
218. Bone Handbook, by Jeff Smith (128 pages)
219. Fate/Stay Night: Volume 4, by Dat Nishiwaki (192 pages)
220. Fables: Volume 13, by Bill Willingham (224 pages)
221. Nana: Volume 13, by Ai Yazawa (210 pages)
222. Kamisama Kiss: Volume 12, by Julietta Suzuki (200 pages)
223. Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo(u), by Rinko Ueda (192 pages)
224. Kekkaishi: VOlume 10, by Yellow Tanabe (192 pages)
225. Case Closed: Volume 16, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
226. Jack of Fables: Volume 4, by Bill Willingham (128 pages)
227. Loveless: Volume 8, by Yun Kouga (194 pages)
228. Boys Over Flowers: Volume 24, by Yoko Kamio (192 pages)
229. Black Bird: Volume 15, by Kanoko Sakurakouji (200 pages)
230. Black Bird: Volume 16, by Kanoko Sakurakouji (192 pages)
231. Fables: Volume 14, by Bill Willingham (192 pages)
232. Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, by Bill Willingham (144 pages)
233. Nana: Volume 14, by Ai Yazawa (210 pages)
234. Jack of Fables: Volume 5, by Bill Willingham (144 pages)
235. Ranma 1/2: Volume 13, by Rumiko Takahashi (200 pages)
236. The Candidate for Goddess: Volume 1, by Yukiru Sugisaki (208 pages)
237. Someday's Dreamers Spellbound: Volume 3, by Norie Yamada (192 pages)
238. Zombie-Loan: Volume 6, by Peach-Pit (176 pages)
239. Fate/Stay Night: Volume 5, by Dat Nishiwaki (192 pages)

July pages: 5,214

Pages to date: 47,462

Progress: 239/250
Tags: graphic novel, manga, non-fiction, young adult

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