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Books 48 & 49 for 2013

The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi. 343 pages

Sequel to Old Man's war and featuring some of the characters from that book, though not the main one.

When scientist Charles Boutin betrays the Colonial Union, he leaves behind a copy of his consciousness. In an effort to discover Boutin's motives and plans, the Union's scientists try to implant the consciousness in a newborn Special Forces soldier. But this doesn't work quite as planned…

Nicely constructed plot that makes use of the sf elements to drive the plot rather than them being gimmicks and ornaments. Will definitely be reading more by this author.

Have His Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers. 378 pages

Another reread of a Peter Wimsey mystery.

I've read this one many times now, and always enjoy it, despite the rather tedious section involving a cipher and the obtuseness of the main characters about the timing of the murder.

I twigged to the solution to that early on the first time I read it and was surprised the characters didn't cotton on to it earlier, but in fairness perhaps such things were less well known in those days.
Tags: crime fiction, sci-fi

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