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#42 Peter Tremayne: Atonement of Blood (Sister Fidelma Mysteries 24)
Another good story from the series.

#43 Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter: The Long War
This is a sequel to "The Long Earth". People spread to inhabit the multitude of parallel Earths and as a result there are racial tensions with other sentient species as well as with the home base. Fairly similar to the settlement of America and the War of Independence. I've quite enjoyed the book, except for one little thing which kind of bugs me.

Ok, so languages are difficult and therefore it is easy to pretend that in whatever imaginary world everybody just happens to speak the same language. In the galaxy far-far away, it is called Basic. In the Long Earth some sentient species have previously had contact with humans and that's why they all speak... English? Seriously!? Sure, it seems ubiquitous now, although there are a lot of places, where it won't help you. But historically it has not been spoken all that much.

And a girl-genius who joins an equivalent of Chinese space program and the crew always talk to her in English. She is a genius but can't be bothered to learn mandarin?

Not that it is particularly important for the story. But it is a bit absurd.
Tags: fantasy, historical mysteries

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