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Books 41-50.

41. Cameron - Mysteries Of The Virgin Mary: Living Our Lady's Graces
Not very useful for me; I've read most of this stuff elsewhere, so I put it in the 'to the library' pile. Still, not a bad book.

42. Thoughts Of The Cure D'Ars
Small, slim book of short quotes, which I liked.

43. Tassone - Praying With The Saints For The Holy Souls In Purgatory
I think this is a good place to start with this writer's books on purgatory; good introduction to the subject, though I kind of wish that all her stuff about this subject would be in just one book, but it's not really the important thing here to determine the quality of this book. If one chooses just one good, clear book on Purgatory with prayer and novenas and such, this would be one. :)

44. Groeschel - The Saints In My Life: My Favorite Spiritual Companions
I didn't really think his book on the rosary was useful, but his introduction to the saints important to him is inspiring, you find something new about each and it may inspire you to make a list of your own about those saints you yourself have found really inspiring (definitely thinking about making this).

45. Rohr - Things Hidden: Scripture As Spirituality
46. Rohr - Wondrous Encounters: Scripture For Lent
I've already read one book from him earlier, so I wanted to check these, and both are excellent, giving you things to ponder about. Recommended.

47. Wintz (ed.) - St. Anthony Of Padua: His Life, Legends & Devotions
There's more to him than finding lost stuff or a good spouse; to me, his faith stuff was more inspiring to read, so he might end in the 'favorite saints of mine' list. A good slim book that still tells a *lot* more about him than one might think.

48. St. Bernard Of Clairvaux - The Steps Of Humility & Pride (English translation)
I may have a thing or two why this one isn't my favorite saint (like how he acted towards some people and events), but his writings can be really inspiring, like this, his first work. Again a slim book but packed with sound guidance and even humor, deserving a frequent read. I so could indentify with the sliding steps of pride, but was also inspired by the steps of humility. A worthy read for anyone interested in the subject.

49. Hahn - Lord Have Mercy: The Healing Power Of Confession
I'm a bit liberal to agree with all the things listed in the appendix list of 'things to confess', but the main part itself is worth reading for anyone interested in the subject, so it didn't go in the 'Out' pile *lol*

50. Life & Doctrine Of St. Catherine Of Genoa (English translation)
I can never imagine becoming like her (nor trying to eat dirt like she did, twice), but certainly did learn a lot about how close one's connection can be, what she has to say about Purgatory, and also encouraging frequent confession, communion and striving for a less sin-stained life. A bit of patience required to read it all, but not difficult to understand.
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