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Book 168: Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood

Book 168: Ruddy Gore (Phryne Fisher #7).
Author: Kerry Greenwood, 1995
Genre: Period Fiction. 1920s Australia. Crime Fiction. Cosy Mystery.
Other Details: Unabridged Audiobook 6 hours, 53 mins). Read by Stephanie Daniel.

Running late to a gala performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Ruddigore, Phryne Fisher meets some thugs in dark alley and handles them convincingly before they can ruin her silver dress. She then finds that she has rescued the handsome Lin Chung, and his grandmother, who briefly mistake her for a deity. Denying divinity but accepting cognac, she later continues safely to the theatre where her night is again interrupted by a bizarre death onstage. What links can Phryne find between the ridiculously entertaining plot of Ruddigore, the Chinese community of Little Bourke St., or the actors treading the boards of His Majesty’s Theatre? -synopsis from Poisoned Pen Press website

Another fun outing for Phryne Fisher, this one with a Gilbert and Sullivan theme and a haunted theatre. Ruddy Gore fits well into the cosy mystery sub-genre with a number of suspicious deaths and a climax in which all the suspects are assembled to allow Phryne to dramatically unmask the killer a la Agatha Christie. It also introduces Lin Chung as a new love interest.

As always this provided me with a pleasant audio experience during my travels. I was again impressed by Stephanie Daniel's ability to break merrily into song when the narrative called for it.
Tags: audio book, murder mystery, period fiction (20th century)

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