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#57 Lady Mary Anne Barker: Station Life in New Zealand
A collection of letters written by Lady Barker from New Zealand to London in the 1880s. Having recently moved to NZ myself, I really enjoyed reading this. In particular I found the following complaint very funny:

In England one fancies that New Zealand is quite close to Australia, so I was rather disgusted to find we had another thousand miles of steaming to do before we could reach our new home.

It's planes nowadays, but it still always a surprise that another 3-4 hour flight is in store from Australia.

I was intrigued as to why Lady Barker decided to leave and go back to England. It felt rather pointless to come and establish a sheep station for only 3 years. There were all those natural disasters to contend with, but she does not make it clear that they caused the departure.

#58 Oliver Plötzsch: The Ludwig Conspiracy (audio)

On the surface rather similar to the Da Vinci Code and other Brown's books. But it has it's own Bavarian charm (and yes, I am a fan of Ludwig - not a crazy fan, but an interested admirer nonetheless). Ludwig II, the fairy tale king, who built beautiful castles, went on midnight rides in a sleigh, and left letters for his beautiful and no less eccentric cousin, the empress Sissi, under a stone on an island... The mystery of his death has never been entirely solved and is the focus of this book. I've found the story fast-paced and full of interesting turns and would definitely recommend it.

#59 Margaret Atwood: Lady Oracle
I have read other books by Margaret Atwood, all of them post-apocalyptic, and so this one was a pleasant and humorous surprise. I've enjoyed it very much, although i found the ending a bit vague. Not like an ending at all really. But perhaps that is the whole point: unlike in Gothic novels which the heroine writes, life does not really have happy endings or any endings. Just an unresolved continuum.
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