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Book 93

Butterfly Volume 1Butterfly Volume 1 by Yu Aikawa

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ginji is a high school boy who hates anything occult. Any mention of the least thing ghostly sets him off. He’s being haunted by his brother’s ghost, which he is trying very hard to disbelieve. As we go along we learn that his brother committed suicide after being accused of a terrible thing.

While out with friends, including a girl name Nachi who seems to know him from years before but Ginji doesn’t remember her, they end up at a carnival haunted house. One of the performers says something that sets Ginji off to the point he beats the crap out of the guy and his rich friend has to pay them off. Now Ginji is in debt.

He is approached by a child, Ageha, who pays off his debt if Ginji works for her, ghostbusting. He wants no part of it but gets drawn in by just how much the debt was and his desire not to go to jail for assault. Ageha is a very strange girl. One, she has access to scads of cash. Two, she looks to be around 10-12 years old but without any sort of guardian. Three, even though people constantly comment on her age, no one doesn’t hire her when she presents herself as a ghost buster.

Even stranger, Ageha’s ghosts aren’t exactly ghosts. She seems to be, in some cases, manifesting the people’s desire to see a ghost, or use a ghost to work through past trauma. It’s almost underhanded in that respect. But while she can make them manifest she can’t get rid of them and that’s where Ginji comes in. Even stranger still, Ginji’s female friends think the little girl is actually a transgendered boy. Ageha offers to let Ginji look up her skirt and check so we’re not even sure of her gender.

It was interesting but needs a lot of character development (then again it is just volume one). I found this at a used book store and the publisher is out of business (well coming back into business) so I’d have to look around and see if any more of this was ever published and check the libraries. I’m not sure it’s something I’d go terribly out of my way to find but on the other hand, it wasn’t a bad read.

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