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Awkward Dragon Tricks; Morgain's Divergent Companion

Awkward: A Detour, by Mary Cappello
Well. It *was* awkward. And that worked wonderfully - incandescently - in some sections, but in other sections it left me cold. The amazing partsas made the dull parts worth pushing through for me, but YMMV.

Tricks of the Trade and Dragon Justice, by Laura Anne Gilman
CSI for magic users, more or less, though I find these characters more appealing than the CSI ones. And it was neat to get to the part where this series caught up to the series it spun off from, because the friendship between this protagonist and the protagonist of the main series is one of my favorite things about that series. About this one too. The edgy romance subplot is more foregrounded in this one than in the other, and I was kind of bummed by the way the main character's polyamory just kind of gets shoved out of the way as irrelevant (endearingly enough, the main character seemed kind of irritated by that too) ... but that's what I get for reading a Harlequin imprint, ennit? Tasty tasty, nonetheless. Gilman is one of my favorite popcorn reads - and I suppose she is a crunch'n'munch read, really, there's lots more to chew on than in the PURE fluff I read sometimes :D.
(147, 148)

Divergent, by Veronica Roth
I liked this YA dystopia so much I was all set to read the next one immediately, but I didn't have much to say about it and I was planning to review both of them at once. AND THEN SOMEONE CHECKED OUT OUR COPY OF INSURGENT BEFORE I COULD. *shakes tiny fist* I decided to read this book because I saw the author at ALA and she said (roughly) that most dystopias indict society, but that after rereading her own trilogy, she realized she was indicting herself. If you are as intrigued by that as I was, you will probably like these books! Or, at least, the first one! *pines for the second one*

Grail Quest: Morgain's Revenge and Grail Quest: The Shadow Companion, by Laura Anne Gilman
I never get tired of twists on the King Arthur mythos. That said, I've read a lot of them, so you really have to knock it out of the park to impress me. These are not those. BUT, as middle grade fiction goes, they are nonetheless top notch, and they were really good company while I was sick. Endearing characters, humor, exciting plot, etc.
(150, 151)

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