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Book #55: Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

Number of pages: 285

This book opens with the reappearance of Magrat Garlick, last seen in Lords and Ladies when she became a Queen, who has just become a mother, as the other witches are invited to the Christening, although Granny Weatherwax does not show up as she never received her invite. However, proceedings are interrupted by the arrival of a family of vampires who take up residence in Lancre Castle.

Worse still though, Granny Weatherwax has now disappeared, making things harder for Nanny Ogg and Agnes Nitt, who originally appeared in Maskerade as they face up to the vampires without her.

This book starts up as uproariously funny as just about any other Discworld novel, with the funniest moment in the story involving a blunder over the naming of Magrat's baby, but it gradually becomes more serious and at times it feels darker than any other Discworld novels that have gone previously, particularly after a failed attempt by the witches to drive out the vampires. However, there is still plenty of fun to be had, mostly with spotting all the quotations from famous vampire movies; I think I would argue that the only thing that wears slightly is the fact that this book continues the conceit from Agnes' last appearance about her having an alter ego called Perdita who practically takes on a life of her own.

The book felt a bit strange at first; Granny Weatherwax seemed like a side character until about halfway through with most of the action involving Nanny Ogg and Agnes Nitt, but she gets all of the best moments towards the end. From what I can understand, all the witches' subsequent adventures are in the Discworld Young Adult novels, but this makes for an enjoyable read.

Next book: Sister by Rosamund Lupton
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