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Books 61 - 70.

61. Gallick - The Big Book Of Women Saints
And not just saints, but blesseds are also included; some stories were new to me, and brought me close to some of the women in a new way. Very useful and inspiring, recommended.

62. Quindlen - Imagined London: A Tour Of The World's Greatest Fictional City
A big reader's reflections on her trip to London, the books she has read about London, etc. Brings me ideas of what I'd like to read next and certainly some reasons why I like to visit London (so far 6-7 times).

63. Morrissy (transl.) - The Sermons Of The Curé Of Ars
He certainly had strong opinions, but I agree with many of them (except maybe the bits about dancing - not all are bad *shrug*). Definitely one of my favorite saints, and the sermons are in no way too long or boring.

64. J. Butcher - Storm Front (library loan)
Decided to give this series a try, and certainly looks promising from reading this. A quick, comfortable read.

65. Rushdie - Haroun & The Sea Of Stories
Very colorful and fun, yet carrying a message, read. Bought this one after seeing a particular cover version in Lost, but it was a good read. :)

66. Hill - Howard's End Is On The Landing: A Year Of Reading From Home
67. Manguel - A Reading Diary: A Passionate Reader's Reflections On A Year Of Books
Decided to read more books about people reading books, and both were good, with different approaches. Manguel's also features his thoughts on things related to the current book read, plus books similar to the book of the month. Hill certainly had opinions I didn't agree with (not in a bad way, just different), but still good reading.

68. Frost - The Autobiography Of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (loaned from parents)
Caught the first episodes of Twin Peaks on tv at some point, and remembered my parents had this, so read it. Good information for those wanting background for this character in their fics, I'd say. Short and enjoyable.

69. Majzlik - A Vegan Taste Of East Africa
Mainly read as a filler to get closer to my reading goal for this year, as it was slim, but recipes sounded really delicious even without pictures :9

70. Smith - Quick & Easy Pilates: 5-Minute Routines For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
Slightly magnetic so avoided getting it read my CDs, but a short, good read about small exercises to use in different situations (it did have a couple of programs for longer exercise routines at the end. The orange text on white does mean that you need some light that isn't too dim when you read it *lol*

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