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October 2013 Reading

October 2013 reading:

42. Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, by Martin Olson (160 pages)
Introduces nearly everyone in the series. At times a little tiring, but entertaining since it's narrated by Abadeer.

43. Love, Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli (288 pages)
The first book was from Leo's point of view, and this one is from Stargirl's, as she struggles with her sense of self and, oddly, her compulsion to do what Leo tried to do with her: change people. It is only through finding a home with her new community that she can rediscover herself.

44. The Women and the Men: Poems, by Nikki Giovanni (64 pages)
It took me a bit to get into her style, but I enjoyed the poems and there are bits of them that really struck me as true and beautiful--even if the truth was not so beautiful, the way it was written was. I connected with this more than I expected to, and one that stood out to me was "Housecleaning."

45. When She Woke, by Hillary Jordan (344 pages)
This book reminded me poignantly of The Handmaid's Tale, as I suspect it was in some ways meant to. Set in a dystopic future United States where criminals are "Chromed," their skin turned a color to match their crime, it follows the story of Hannah, who becomes a Red for the crime of having an abortion. This questions societal and religious norms, especially those of gender roles, sexuality, and God. I also enjoyed that it included discussion of race, class, and LGBT concerns as well.

October pages: 856

Pages to date: 13,911

Progress: 45/50

October 2013 Comics/Manga Reading:

282. Wandering Son: Volume 4, by Shimura Takako (224 pages)
283. 5 Centimeters Per Second, by Makoto Shinkai (566 pages)
284. Nana: Volume 18, by Ai Yazawa (200 pages)
285. Nana: Volume 19, by Ai Yazawa (194 pages)
286. Nana: Volume 20, by Ai Yazawa (194 pages)
287. Nana: Volume 21, by Ai Yazawa (192 pages)
288. Jack of Fables: Volume 8, by Bill Willingham (128 pages)
289. Jack of Fables: Volume 9, by Bill Willingham (144 pages)
290. Kamisama Kiss: Volume 13, by Julietta Suzuki (200 pages)
291. The Story of Saiunkoku: Volume 9, by Kairi Yura (158 pages)

October pages: 2,200

Pages to date: 57,639

Progress: 291/350
Tags: dystopia, graphic novel, manga, poetry, young adult

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