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Zombie Saturday Night (Confessions of a Teenage Vampire, #2)Zombie Saturday Night by Terry M. West

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I snagged this off the library shelf because hey vampires, hey why didn’t Scholastic books do graphic novels when I was young? This is number two in the series which I didn’t know when I picked it up, though it was clear quickly.

Lily Jordan has been turned into a teenaged vampire (presumably last book) and is being hunted by a much older vampire, Sang, and his partner, Rosie (more on them later). I am not sure how old Lily is but this would play better with the younger teens. It might be a tad light weight for the older ones (or not, I’m not the best judge). Lily’s big worry isn’t the fact that she’s a vampire or that Sang is after her or that if she doesn’t drink Serum V she’ll go on a blood rampage. No, she’s worried about her first big party, a Halloween party at Phillip Lemachard’s house where she now lives (I’m not sure if he’s dead or what. He obviously knew about the supernatural.)

Enter Lance Talbot, Phillip’s last living relatives. Talbot is a handsome young boy who wants to help Lily. We quickly learn he’s a werewolf (naturally). We meet Lily’s friends. We see Sang and Rosie doing the super villain speeches and naturally they are going to crash Lily’s party. Lily must have money because not only are her friends having a party in a mansion it’s a huge party with a live band (the Shatners and with a lead singer who looks like Tank Girl and seems to be wearing a Tank Girl shirt) and with costume prizes. Derek, Lily’s friend wanted to win more than anything and this is where it busts out the fair play morality thing (which had the most expressive art of the whole thing). Sang and Rosie show up and are taken care of far too easily to make them worthy villains. They might as well not have shown up at all. The kids were so unimpressed by the danger, they thought it was special effects.

So, the ending was too rushed and the villains too mushy but overall it’s a cute short story. The art isn’t bad except someone needs to have a good look at what wolf legs look like. And really no one realized Talbot’s ‘werewolf costume’ wasn’t a costume? I’ve never seen a costume outside of Hollywood (or even in it) that was all that convincing when it comes to huge wolf maws moving and talking….There isn’t much depth to this but it’s worth the fifteen minutes it takes to look it over.

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