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4. To Prussia with Love - Roger Boyes
Blurb: In a desperate attempt to save his relationship with girlfriend Lena and take a break from the world of journalism, Roger Boyes agrees to make a great escape from the easy urban lifestyle of Berlin and decamp to the countryside. He has hopes for Italy, but Lena has inherited a run-down schloss in deepest, darkest Brandenburg.
Needing a form of income, they decide to set up a B&B with a British theme. Enter unhelpful Harry and his Trinidadian chef cousin, an unhinged Scot to advise them on re-branding Brandenburg, some suicidal frogs and a posse of mad tourists. It all culminates, naturally, in a cricket match between the Brits and the Germans on an old Russian minefield. Farce meets romance in this hilarious romp through East Germany's very own Faulty Towers.
My View: I seem to have a habit of picking books which take a while to get going this year. At first, I wasn't enjoying this book too much. I often find Boyes can be a bit far-fetched in his re-telling of events, making them seem too unrealistic and unbelievable. However, they are funny which makes up for the potential porkies. I love Boyes' view on Germans, as he gets their little quirks perfectly. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a non-stereotypical insight into German like from a Brit. It is a simple read, great for relaxing.
Tags: autobiography, comedy, european, humor

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