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Books 71 - 80.

71. Raum - The Aztec Empire: An Interactive History Adventure ('You Choose'-series)
This is a kids' 'choose your own adventure' type of book, but it was fun to read. The pictures in this book were also pretty, and the extra information added to the book was good, too.

72. Beckett - Spiritual Letters
I've mostly read her books on art (and one on poetry), but her thoughts on spiritual things - as well as some art, as usual - are very helpful and down to earth. Lovely to read, and the book smelled like fresh new schoolbooks, which I loved.

73. St. Catherine Of Bologna - The Seven Spiritual Weapons (English translation)
Slim but packed with good stuff. Also shows how she handled her depression pretty well considering it wasn't really known yet... the life she lived helped definitely a great deal in keeping her active even at the worst times. But it's also a good read on motivating oneself in our spiritual life.

74. Ellena - The Diary Of A Nose: A Year In The Life Of A Perfumeur (English translation)
Never actually boring, an intersting view on life of a perfume-creator. :)

75. Collns - CSI: Killing Game
The usual good CSI-episode-in-a-book book, good to read now and then.

76. Mosley & Spencer - The Fast Diet
AKA the 5:2 diet; I bought this one mainly cos I just wanted the basics, not so much the recipes which I can do elsewhere. But the idea and the explanation of the details of this diet certainly made it sound like a good diet to try. Recommended.

77. Anonymous (Lady Sarashina) - As I Crossed A Bridge Of Dreams: Recollections Of A Woman In 11th-Century Japan (English translation)
Slim one. Will probably one day read it at the same go as Lady Murasaki and Sei Shonagon's diaries, to compare. This woman was a real introvert even by that times' standards, and had some bad timings due to excessive dreaminess, but her travel/pilgrimage commentaries were interesting.

78. Confucius - The Analects (English translation)
Not sure if I recommend, but it does bring up some good ideas and felt sensible, so for me it was worth a read.

79. De Mello - The Song Of The Bird (Finnish translation)
Meditative pieces from various religions (though ultimately Christian), a quick read and an eye-opener; loved it.

80. Bl. Angela Of Foligno - Complete Works (English translation)
At times a bit heavy-going, it does bring up some good points.

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