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Cheese Shines Without Wizard's Wolf Men

Whale Shines, by Fiona Robinson
Really lovely kid's book. Preachy but in a quirky, self-aware, non-condescending way. And there is at least one sneaky pun.

Cheese Belongs to You, by Alexis Deacon, illustrated by Viviane Schwarz
Kid's book about rats stealing cheese from each other. Probably not intended as a gloss on Das Capital, but I couldn't help reading it that way.

Without Knowing Mr. Walkley, by Edith Olivier
A memoir from the 30s, written by a British novelist who was both quite old and quite well-known back then. A very few times, it was appallingly, casually racist. Mostly it was lovely. Here is a good bit: "I have often thought that in wakeful nights one is quite another person to one's ordinary everyday self. One ceases to be human and becomes a tangle of the super-human and the sub-human. One is very creative and completely uncritical; an animal, but an animal of peculiar sensitiveness to spiritual suggestion." If you like that, you'll like the book. If you don't, you won't.

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf, by David Almond, illustrated by Dave McKean
This is a weird odd little fable, in the best way. I like David Almond a whole lot.

A Wizard's Holiday, by Diane Duane, read by Christina Moore
One of my favorites in the series. I like it when she tackles Really Big Questions head-on, even if I don't always agree with her.

Of Muppets and Men, by Christopher Finch
This was so neat! It was written when the Muppet Show was still being produced, but it is lavishly illustrated. The whole book is just full of fascinating details and day-in-the-life stuff. Tasty. I liked it so much that I ordered a whole bunch more muppet books, and kept enthusing until my husband bought me my own whatnot muppet. (I did not even know you could buy them!) It's amazing how thoroughly my life has been shaped by the Jim Henson Company.

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