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Book 120

Bride of the Water God, Volume 10Bride of the Water God, Volume 10 by Mi-Kyung Yun

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Soah has been swept away to the Moon where she meets Dong-Wang-Gong, Mui’s father. She’s not sure she believes the man at first and for his part Dong-Wang-Gong is so clueless about humans he’s not even sure of her gender. When she eventually learns to trust him some, Dong-Wang-Gong shows her Mui’s past and the curse that’s been laid upon him in hopes Soah can break the curse.

Meanwhile back in the Emperor’s palace Habaek is dealing with the Emperor’s machinations and the resurrected, sort of, Nakbin, his first human love. However when Habaek tells Nakbin he’ll do right by her but he’s really in love with Soah now, things do not go well and end in a bloody cliffhanger.

At least the story has become understandable again and the art is very pretty if nothing else.

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Tags: fantasy, manhwa

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