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Book Review No. 28 features Charles Ferguson's Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking of America.  The title summarizes the message.  Although the book occasionally provides intuitive and insightful explanations of some of the more complex financial instruments, its angry tone detracts from that message.  It's difficult to take seriously an author who continues to push the fiction that the U.S. Supreme Court somehow stole Florida for George W. Bush, and E-T-T-S followed.  People of modest or no means do have reason to be angry with the machinations of the financial sector.  Perhaps a book about the machinations of the financial sector can limit itself to that.  But people of modest or no means also have reason to be angry with the common schools and the conceits of government expertise.  Whether the financial crisis will inspire those other sources of anger remains to be seen.

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