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Books 81 - 96.

81. Thibodeaux - God I Have Issues: 50 Ways To Pray No Matter How You Feel
For each mood, there is a short writing, a couple of Bible text to check and so on... actually a very handy book and definitely recommended.

82. St. Thérèse Of Lisieux - Simply Surrender
83. Julian Of Norwich - All Will Be Well
84. St. Teresa Of Avila - Let Nothing Disturb You
A series of daily prayers and mediations plus a little sentence-reminder for the day. Julian's was perhaps the most comforting, but the others had their strong points too, so all are worth reading.

85. Barth - God Here & Now (English translation)
A bit academic but thought-provoking texts from a great writer. Brings up some things that otherwise would be overlooked. Slim but lovely.

86. Beckett - Joy Lasts: On The Spiritual In Art
Talking about what makes or breaks the good/bad moods of religious or nearly-religious art, with some interesting pictures.

87. Beckett - Encounters With God: In Quest Of The Ancient Icons Of Mary
88. Beckett - Real Presence: In Search Of The Earliest Icons
The icons shown here are those made before the destruction of icons in certain period of time during Byzantium's reign that survived because they were kept outside its borders or in very remote areas. Some are in pretty bad condition but some really shine. And the icons don't yet follow certain rules the icons made post-destruction time most of the time follow, so more uniqueness exists. Very interesting; some overlapping between the books, but both are essential for full view (the first concentrates on Mary pics - less than ten!).

89. Tassone - Thirty-Day Devotions For The Holy Souls
Companion in my shelf with two other book on same subjects from the writer, pretty good and inspiring.

90. Yamamoto Tsunetomo - Hagakure: The Book Of The Samurai (English translation)
Not the whole text, but the best bits, and enough for me for it brings the essentials without feeling long.

91. Wilson - Choose The Perfect Baby Name
Seriously not the first baby name book you should buy... it gives a bit of a 'lazy research' feel, and may date fast. Choose some other well-rated one first!

92. Treece - Through The Year With Padre Pio: Daily Readings
I've read a few other books of his writings, and this is a good 'daily read' type. Liked it a lot :)

93. Lo - Quick & Easy Chinese Cooking
From the early 1970s, and written for those who really didn't have much access to Chinese ingredients beside soy sauce, ginger and maybe some chilies, but really trying to make things with what few were there. Got this one from my parents some years ago.

94. P. Smith - Just Kids
A sweet, richly-written memoir with some nice pics. Recommended. <3

95. Chase (transl.) - Angelic Spirituality: Medieval Perspectives On The Ways Of Angels
Or what was written about angelic orders, what each type of angels did, etc. Interesting and deep.

96. Coupland - Generation X: Tales For An Accelerated Culture
A re-read, felt I got it from another angle than the first time, but still great :)


Broke a new reading record with 1 book, now it's time to start another list :D

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