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Book 1

The Angel (Ireland, # 2)The Angel by Carla Neggers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As a suspense novel, it's not bad. The romance was just unnecessary, dull and I'm sorry, I don't find insta-love convincing. Yes I know it can be real but this just was flat.

I did like Keira, since at least she was smart and able. She's an illustrator, mostly Irish folklore. Her mother has moved into the woods to live as a religious hermit. Her uncle Bob is a Boston detective along with Abigail Browning. Keira finds a body of a man drowned in a campus pond. Abigail thinks it's more, Bob's an ass about it. Frankly he's an ass about everything, overprotective even about Keira doing the stupidest things, like going on a trip to Ireland alone. She is a grown woman after all.

While Bob and Abigail investigate the death of the man, a collector, most recently of devil related things, Keira goes to Ireland to investigate the story her mother did years ago, the story of the beautiful stone angel. Keira is almost hurt in a cave in of the hut she was investigating and is rescued (though she nearly rescued herself) by Simon Cahill, an FBI operative and a friend of people close to Keira.

And here comes the boring romance and the story goes a little sideways. Keira decides to leave Ireland early just to talk to the person who told her the story in the first place and come back. Um, she's an illustrator. Her family doesn't seem to be swimming in cash. How is she affording this? Even months in advance these tickets are over a grand. I can't even imagine at the last minute. And why do it? Why not just place a phone call. That made no sense other than the plot demanded she be back in Boston. I found that weak.

Over all it wasn't bad but it was hardly memorable. It felt like I was missing something (turns out this was book 2) but i don't see me rushing out to find the others in the series.

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