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Extras, Reminiscences, and Welcome Prophecy; Make Good Wish

Letters and Reminiscences of Alfred Russel Wallace, vol. 2, edited by James Marchant (public domain, nook)
Wallace believed a lot of strange things in his old age. Still, I like learning more about him, and I enjoy unvarnished Victorians, even when they weird me out.

Extras, by John Scalzi (nook)
Fun, slight stories. I like Scalzi better in long form, but this was good airplane company.

Lies and Prophecy (and Welcome to Welton), by Marie Brennan (nook)
Absolutely loved this. Urban fantasy - well, college fantasy really. With the exact right amount of characterization, snappy banter, scary plot, magic geekery, and assorted other delights. And, as a bonus, I really liked the philosophical struts.

How Not to Make a Wish, When Good Wishes Go Bad, and To Wish or Not to Wish, by Mindy Klasky (nook)
What's even better on a plane than literate, intelligent chicklit? Literate, intelligent chicklit with djinns in! These books rang some fairly straightforward romance novel changes, andbut they made them their own. Good times.
(243, 244, 245)

So that's it for my 2013 reading. Read lots of books, many of them good. Read some books I owned before last year, read some books that were ARCs, not as many of either of those as I would've liked. I'm still in school (on top of working full time), so I'm still not setting myself any official goals for next year - other than SURVIVE. But once I graduate in May, I might reconsider that. Will be counting the same things I counted last year. I've kind of settled into a rut, but it's a very comfortable rut, so I have no desire to escape it.

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