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2014 Books #1-4

I Didn't meet my 50 book quota for last year...Well, I technically did, but since I -re-read a couple of series of mine, I didn't include them in my count....So starting over fresh this year.

Going to start over with a new challenge...

1. My Story by Elizabeth Smart-new read-Elizabeth is an amazing young woman to experience the horrific cruelty at the hands of her kidnapper, but with her faith and the loving support of her family and friends she has come out of her ordeal a very strong woman.

2. A Memoir by Shirley Jones-new read-I learned things about Shirley Jones I'm not so sure I wanted to know. Lol. A very interesting read.

3.2013 Short Story and Novel Writer's Market by Writers. Com- New read- Besides supplying various information for writer's about magazines and book publishers and agents, there is also info on how to write a book, make your characters strong, etc.

4. Into the Wilderness by Sarah Donati-New read- I really enjoyed this book. It was recommended to me by fellow fans of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander Series" and it seems that Sarah is a fan of Diana's too, since she mentions Jamie and Claire Fraser and Young Ian Murray within her story.  Elizabeth and Nathaniel's romance doesn't quite hold me captive as DG's Jamie and Claire's does, but they are wonderful characters nevertheless and their love is timeless too.

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