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1. Total Bedient

1. Total Bedient - Anna K.
Blurb: Anna K is 29. For ten years she has worked in Berlin hotels - in luxury hostels to 3-star houses. Her conclusion: those who have belonged to the staff of a hotel have experienced more than they could have ever expected. An unabashedly open account. (Translated by me)
My thoughts: I've been reading this book on and off for nearly a year, which may lead you to think I wasn't enjoying. Truth be told, I have been really lax in reading this past year but I am determined to try and finish the books I have started before beginning new ones. Anyway, I found this book really eye opening. It caused quite the scandal in Germany as it highlighted the terrible conditions which hotel workers work in and the awful pay they receive. It was scathing about way people act in hotels (let's just say, not great). Anna had a wonderful way of writing, which was heart-warming and amusing. This book is well worth a read and I am glad I read it until the end.
Tags: autobiography, european, foreign language, memoir

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