Susanita (bardhlul) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Book 2 - No Good Deeds (Laura Lippman)

Tess Monaghan and her boyfriend Crow have a chance encounter with a young man in inner-city Baltimore who turns out to be tangentially involved in a high-profile murder a few months earlier. In the process of trying to protect him and also learn the full story of his involvement in the crime, Tess runs afoul of the law and the law runs afoul of her. We learn something significant about Crow, but the other characters in Tess's orbit only appear in small roles.

This is the ninth installment in the series and probably my least favorite so far. It bothered me that so much of the story was based on a conspiracy within the law enforcement community. (Spoiler!) I'm not naive enough to think that corruption doesn't exist in the crime fighting arena, but I thought the whole thing was rather heavy-handed in this case. I also thought Crow acted like a diva sometimes.

I'm hoping this is simply a bump in the road for this series.

Tags: mystery

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