black_queen (black_queen) wrote in 50bookchallenge,


#1 Terry Pratchett: The Carpet People
As explained in the foreword, the book was written by 17-year old Terry Pratchett and has been updated by Terry Pratchett, aged forty-three. And that is what it reads like. A quick and easy read with the promise of the wonderful wit and depth shown in his later books.

#2 Kate Atkinson: Case Histories (Jackson Brodie)
I love the way she writes! The story itself was familiar because I have actually seen the series on TV, but luckily I did not quite remember the ending.

#3 N. Gemini Sasson: The Crown in the Heath
A historical novel about Robert Bruce. For some reason, I just could not tie the individual chapters into a single coherent story.
Tags: fantasy, historical fiction, mystery

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