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Book #4: Know and Tell the Gospel by John Chapman

Number of pages: 240

As a Christian, I have an interest in knowing the most effective ways of telling others about the Gospel, and I found this book by the late John Chapman very useful.

The book starts off by explaining what the purpose of the Gospel is, and why Jesus came to Earth to live amongst us and be crucified, and then talks about ways to evangelise. A lot of this is drawn from Chapman’s own experience, and gives an accurate picture of the important points to remember when evangelising and examples of when it has not worked so well.

It made for interesting reading, but I know I would still have difficulty in telling the Gospel to non-Christians, although the book seems to encourage doing it door-to-door at one point. Nevertheless, this is a good book that can act as encouragement for Christians.

Next book: Monstrous Regiment (Terry Pratchett)
Tags: academic, christian, non-fiction, scholarly, self help, spiritual reading

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