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Book 13

RunRun by Ann Patchett

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I got this one from the library's 'blind date' where in the books were wrapped so it was a surprise. I was all 'wow, this is fun.' Opened it read the blurb and when 'oh, doesn't sound like my thing.' Read and it went 'wow, this isn't good. At. All.'

Partially this is so not my sort of story. I don't particularly like contemporary family dramas. But then it layered on things I hate. Racial divides, class division, politics and religion. If I were to picture hell it would be me having to listen to those four things (especially the latter two) all day. I see enough of this drama daily, why would I want to read more?

But that's not really why I gave it the low rating. I could write that off as me reading out of my comfort zone. I just didn't find the plot believable. We have a Caucasian former mayor of Boston, his actual son, the blacksheep that he's more or less written off, and his two adopted African-American sons and him being SO disappointed one wants to be an ichytologist and one wants to be a priest in spite of him shoveling politics down their throats.

Then the accident happens and Tip is saved by an African-American woman and her daughter is awfully damn calm for seeing Mom just get plowed down by a car. It doesn't get any more interesting as it goes on and it's SO slow. For something titled Run, you expect action. No. This is just plodding family drama (and just how does this woman and her kid spy on this family all the time and they never notice?). I finished it because of the challenge, otherwise well I wouldn't have made it past the cover blurb to be honest.

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