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Book 7: The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett

Number of pages: 160

This book is referred to as "A Discworld Fable"; it is different from the Discworld novels as it has a shorter story, and it is in a larger (at least my version is) book, filled up with several large illustrations from Paul Kidby (successor to the Discword series' original artist, the late Josh Kirby).

The main story is a twist on the Prometheus legend as the little-used Cohen the Barbarian and his army decide to return fire to the gods, a move that apparently will have devastating consequences. A large number of characters from other books join forces to try and stop them, an attempt that mostly involves Rincewind, Captain Carrot and Leonard of Quirm (evidently based on Leonardo da Vinci) undertaking a mission in a flying craft of their own.

Overall, I enjoyed the book a lot and it felt like classic Discworld, with its humour and references (2001: A Space Odyssey is implicitly referenced through parodying one of the most famous quotes); some of the illustrations evidently allude to the drawings on the Sistine Chapel and the Bayeux Tapestry.

Overall, this is an enjoyable Discworld book, though it is something that might be enjoyed more by hardcore fans.

Next book: Martin Chuzzlewit (Charles Dickens)
Tags: adventure, comedy, contemporary, dragons, fantasy, humor

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