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Books 1 - 10.

1. The Handbook of Indulgences: Norms & Grants
Basically the rules of how they work, and what is currently counted as such (prayer indulgences include the prayers needed). Good for those interested. :)

2. Yancey - Finding God In Unexpected Places
A lot of good experiences and examples, unfortunately didn't agree with some of the author's opinions enough to keep the book, so borrow it first.

3. T. Brooks - Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices
First book which I marked with a star in my list to say that this is a rather essential book to me. A puritan viewpoint but not rigid, and a good way to know some ways which the evil tries to tempt people away from the narrow path. Not hard to read at all, too.

4. Wells - The Island Of Dr. Moreau (library book)
Sort of adventurous, but also taking stance on animal experiments, vivisection (and not just of animals) and science gone wrong, way wrong... on a mysterious island. Worth reading.

5. Shaw - Orbitsville (library book)
Not really impressed completely, at least the start doesn't encourage enough IMO. Borrow first.

6. Yoshimoto - Kitchen (Finnish translation)
A re-read, and once again I realise that I get more out of this now. Kind of cute yet with deep issues. A good read.

7. Bunyan - All Loves Excelling: The Saints' Knowledge Of Christ's Love
8. Bunyan - The Jerusalem Sinner Saved: Or, Good News For The Viles Of Men
On how the measures of Christ (and God) can be inspiring to the followers; and how salvation is never impossible for even vilest of sinners as long as they live. Is much more than I could describe here, and easy to get. Both recommended.

9. Dickens - A Christmas Carol (Finnish translation; library book)
Cheering little book, perhaps even having more than the Christmas movie, I can see why people love this so much. Very heartwarming. <3

10. Delio - Franciscan Prayer
On Franciscan prayer view and methods; I am partly familiar with some of it having read the writer's bio on St. Clare where part of it is described. Loved it :)

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