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Book 50: The Abandoned by Amanda Stevens

Book 50: The Abandoned (Graveyard Queen #0.5).
Author: Amanda Stevens, 2011.
Genre: Urban Fantasy. Ghosts.
Other Details: ebook. 73 pages.

There are rules for dealing with ghosts. Too bad Ree Hutchins doesn’t know them.... When her favorite patient at a private mental hospital passes away, psychology student Ree Hutchins mourns the elderly woman’s death.  But more unsettling is her growing suspicion that something unnatural is shadowing her. Amateur ghost hunter Hayden Priest believes Ree is being haunted. Even Amelia Gray, known in Charleston as the Graveyard Queen, senses a gathering darkness. Driven by a force she doesn’t understand, Ree is compelled to uncover an old secret and put abandoned souls to rest—before she is locked away forever… - synopsis from author's website.

This novella is the prequel to the Graveyard Queen series and I understand that it was the inspiration for the series. I decided to get it on Kindle while I was waiting for Book 2 to arrive from the USA.

I found it an interesting story, which provided a good introduction to The Restorer being set shortly before the events of that novel. However, Amelia Gray is only a supporting character and while I enjoyed it I didn't really feel it added that much to Amelia's story. I felt it set the stage for her forthcoming adventures rather than a 'must read'.

I do wonder if we will here more about Ree and Hayden in future novels in the series. I hope so.
Tags: etext, ghosts, urban fantasy

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