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Book 20

Heart's HomeHeart's Home by H.B. Pattskyn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Set in London, this historical m/m paranormal mystery has a lot of things I usually like. James Heron is a police constable facing Jack the Ripper like killings on his patch. He comes across Alun Blayney (who is the pov character more often than not), a werewolf exiled from his pack for being gay. Alun also seems to have a bit of magic as well, or at least the ability to deal with spirits.

Naturally just as they are falling for each other, Alun becomes the prime suspect as is nearly jailed. Worse, Alun is at the mercy of a cruel local pack leader. Neither man is safe until they can find the killer and deal with the pack leader but they do have some help in the form of another young man, Robin.

Over all, I did like it. I found it a bit unbalance. The end seemed a bit rushed but not too bad. What did bug me a bit was Alun's constant repetition about how he's a werewolf without a pack (and why he was tossed out), that he shouldn't be with a human and that he's not really worthy of James's love. A few reminders is okay but there is a good few too many in this. But reading past that, I liked it.

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Tags: erotica, historical fiction, mystery, urban fantasy

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