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Books 11 - 20.

11. K. Gibran - The Prophet (Finnish translation)(library copy)
A re-read and I'm glad this wasn't something I owned - what confusing, hippy-dippy nonsense it was! But at least I know *lol*

12. Delio - Simply Bonaventure: An Introduction To His Life, Thought & Writing
I like her other books, and likewise this book. Very informative, didn't know much about this saint and this was nice.

13. St. John Of The Cross - Selected Writings
A sort of 'best bits' book, yet a good skimming of his books, so recommended. :)

14. Schmidt - Walking The Little Way Of Thérèse Of Lisieux: Discovering The Path Of Love
Particularly interesting for those who want to see how her Little Way developed and clear details of what was within it. Recommended for the interested.

15. H. Murakami - What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
A good book about running, a good book of one point of view to it and not a long read. Liked it.

16. McEwen - Ghost Girl
Fun, light read and left me cheerful. :)

17. Meister Eckhart - "Talks Of Instruction & German Sermons" (Sielun Syvyys) (Finnish translation)
Deep yet not confusing, and very inspiring.

18. Porete - The Mirror Of Simple Souls
This was one confusing book which would have benefited from a spellcheck runthrough yet would've still remained a hard read with the old language-style it had. Gained very little benefit (and things it covers have been said better elsewhere), so this goes to the donate-away pile.

19. Diaz & Bark - The Body Book
Surprisingly informative, cheery and inspiring book. Not too heavy yet interesting, and not all information already-known to me, which is a plus. So recommended for the interested.

20. Riley - Eating Less: Say Goodbye To Overeating
I may not have it as bad as some have, but I have had my bad moments... so getting new supports and strategies was definitely a good thing. That said, this is neither heavy nor doomy a read, and goes by quickly. Liked it.

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