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Shadows in the Nave: A Guide to the Haunted Churches of EnglandShadows in the Nave: A Guide to the Haunted Churches of England by Paul Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just as the title says, it's a true hauntings book featuring the churches of England. I liked that we got a tiny bit of history of the church as well as the haunting with each one and there are so many in this book, it feels like every church in the country must be haunted. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Some of these look amazingly old and lonesome and they, of course, are.

They did make a point about substantiating the hauntings but I wasn't sure how. I wasn't sure if the authors were the ones trying to do that or if they were going off the work of other ghost hunting teams. Some places were just word of mouth and noted as such.

It's a well done, interesting survey.

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