your (sometimes) friendly neighborhood kymellin (kymellin) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
your (sometimes) friendly neighborhood kymellin

Book #6

6. Gweldon, by Christopher Turco, 114 pages, Fantasy, 2013.

This is the story of a dragon, a lonely dragon that captures two humans and an elf for help in figuring out his love life. It’s a very nice novella, with an intriguing first line and an unexpected finish. Normally I would dismiss it; I’ve read a lot of fantasy in my life. But I really like the way it is written; it led me through the story easily, with much interest. The book is self-published, and is available through Amazon. The author is local, and used my son’s art for the cover. While there are some typos, I was very pleasantly surprised by an intricately crafted story in a book that I thought I was going to be reading for loyalty sake. Christopher Turco is a storyteller to watch; I’ll be buying more of his work.
Tags: fantasy

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