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April 2014 reading

April 2014 reading:

9. Three Line Poetry: Issue 23 (56 pages)
Uh, so this is actually what got me an author profile on GoodReads. This is a literary magazine that features, as the title indicates, three-line poetry, sometimes inspired by haiku/senryu.

10. Oh Myyy!, by George Takei (244 pages)
George Takei has actually been a fixture in my life since I discovered Star Trek when I was 11 and being bullied. I read To The Stars around that age. Later, as I was coming to grips with my identity, there he was again, welcoming me into a community. It's only fitting that he's a companion on Facebook, where the memes he shares always lighten my mood. I found this book to be a satisfying mix of humor, interesting anecdote, and sociological musing. I read it in bits to keep the fun coming. To many more years, Uncle George.

11. Haiku Journal: Issue 26 (56 pages)
A journal of haiku. Got it and read it after being published in it.

12. 50 Haikus: Issue 5 (114 pages)
Another journal of haiku. Again, published.

13. Other Worlds Than These, edited by John Joseph Adams (564 pages)
This was a really interesting anthology, filled with extremely creative stories of travel between worlds, dimensions, universes. I really enjoyed most of the stories, and chose to savor the reading over several months. Different stories explored different aspects of how the worlds were different. One I particularly liked, "The Goat Variations," dealt with George W. Bush in various worlds at the moment of reading the goat story on 9/11. Overall a fun, if long, read.

14. A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin (819 pages)
This was the result of a couple-day reading binge. I have to say I'm hooked and if the show is half as good as the books promise to be from this first one, I'm in trouble! I love how Martin weaves the tale, and the little nuances he adds, such as Rhaenys's black kitten and the mean black cat caught by Arya. I have suspicions on a few of the plots, but I'm looking forward to more information and red herrings along the way!

15. A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin (770 pages)
Despite my resolve to wait until the end of the semester to read more, that didn't pan out. Less than a week later I had this book finished as well, the urge to learn the resolutions to certain cliffhangers too great. This one did not keep me on a one-night reading binge, but was extremely engaging and very enjoyable. Definitely one of the best fantasy series I've gotten into in a while!

April pages: 2,623

Pages to date: 3,580

Progress: 15/52

April 2014 comics/manga reading:

155. Shout Out Loud!: Volume 3, by Satosumi Takaguchi (190 pages)
156. Boy Princess: Volume 4, by Seyoung Kim (174 pages)
157. Descendants of Darkness: Volume 11, by Yoko Matsushita (208 pages)
158. The Quest for the Missing Girl, by Jiro Taniguchi (336 pages)
159. Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Volume 2, by Magica Quartet (160 pages)
160. Skip-Beat!: Volume 2, by Yoshiki Nakamura (208 pages)
161. Ceres: Volume 11, by Yuu Watase (200 pages)
162. Ceres: Volume 12, by Yuu Watase (200 pages)
163. Kekkaishi: Volume 20, by Yellow Tanabe (208 pages)
164. Kekkaishi: Volume 21, by Yellow Tanabe (208 pages)
165. Sakura Hime: Volume 12, by Arina Tanemura (216 pages)
166. The Walking Man, by Jiro Taniguchi (155 pages)
167. Tegami Bachi: Volume 16, by Hiroyuki Asada (200 pages)
168. Claymore: Volume 1, by Norihiro Yagi (208 pages)
169. Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of the Sledgehammer: Volume 1, by Nozomu Tamaki (192 pages)
170. Rosario Vampire Season 2: Volume 6, by Akihisa Ikeda (192 pages)
171. Black Butler: Volume 16, by Yana Toboso (176 pages)
172. Gate 7: Volume 3, by Clamp (185 pages)
173. D.N. Angel: Volume 3, by Yukiru Sugisaki (192 pages)
174. Blood+: Volume 2, by Asuka Katsura (208 pages)
175. Dengeki Daisy: Volume 4, by Kyousuke Motomi (200 pages)
176. Dengeki Daisy: Volume 5, by Kyousuke Motomi (191 pages)
177. Steampunk: Drama Obscura, by Joe Kelly & Chris Bachalo (176 pages)
178. Fairest in All the Land, by Bill Willingham (160 pages)
179. Blue Exorcist: Volume 11, by Kazue Kato (210 pages)
180. Bleach: Volume 25, by Tite Kubo (210 pages)
181. Bleach: Volume 26, by Tite Kubo (216 pages)
182. Bleach: Volume 27, by Tite Kubo (200 pages)
183. Durarara!! Saika Arc: Volume 3, by Ryohgo Narita (192 pages)
184. Young Miss Holmes: Casebook 5-7, by Kaoru Shintani (560 pages)
185. What a Wonderful World!: Volume 2, by Inio Asano (210 pages)
186. The Wallflower: Volume 22/23/24, by Tomoko Hayakawa (576 pages)

April pages: 7,117

Pages to date: 37,663

Progress: 186/365
Tags: anthology, fantasy, graphic novel, manga, memoir, poetry, sci-fi

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