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Book 44

Fairy Tail, Vol. 22 (Fairy Tail, #22)Fairy Tail, Vol. 22 by Hiro Mashima

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What I like about this series is how all the characters play off of one another. I love that Erza is one of those strong female characters you don't get that often in manga and to get to see her fight her doppleganger was fun.

Lucy has come into her own as a warrior, doing as much saving her friends as anyone else. Gray of course is always fun and Natsu finds a whole new level to himself in combat in this. Gray's expressions at Natsu, who really isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, are priceless.

The story is firmly into this arc with the otherworlders stealing Wendy and Natsu's dragon magic to use as a weapon to destroy the lacrima gem most of Fairy Tail has been turned into in order to rain their magic down as an inexhaustable supply of magic for them.

There is the humor I associate with this series (like the guy whose magic is to make everything soft with his sword, oh the double entendres there). There's still a ton of fan service (for both sexes, thank you, Gray) but unlike some manga, like Dance in the Vampire Bund there is more playfulness to it than exploitive creepiness.

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