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Book #31: Simpsons Super Spectacular #16 by Bongo Comics

I don't often read Simpsons comics these days, but I found this one to be quite enjoyable.

The one thing I have noticed from the comics is that often they aren't that similar to the TV shows in the way that the plots of structured, so it wasn't much of a surprise that this didn't feel like a typical episode of the Simpsons.

The first of the two stories featured Bart as Bartman, a gimmick not often used on TV (I think it was only the "Do the Bartman" short and a mini-episode called "Bartman Begins"); the premise has Bartman doing a citizen's arrest on Snake in the Android's Dungeon; the reason is quite appropriate to this particular format (he bent the cover of a comic book). Bart then notices that the comic book is called "Bartmanga" and features Robartman, who looks suspiciously like him.

This leads into a homage to Manga Comics, in which a character who looks (and acts) identically to Professor Frink creates a robot double of his son (Robartman), who then becomes a crime-fighting vigilante. This provides an excuse to see various Springfield residents in Manga-style, including all five main characters (although Homer only appears very briefly and is mainly there for a visual gag). I quite enjoyed this, although I would have probably got more out of it if I read Manga comics, as I would get all the references.

The second story is about The Superior Squad (a parody, presumably of The Justice League), and the only connections with The Simpsons are the presence of Radioactive Man and the fact that the characters have yellow skin.

My first thought was, "ho-hum", but things soon picked up as it turned into a story where members of the Superior Squad got killed, only to be replaced by versions of themselves from Parallel Universes, which were all different in subtle ways. Of course, as more original members of the Superior Squad got replaced by alternate versions of themselves, things got more and more out of hand. This proved to be ultimately hilarious, with a few cameos from other characters like Futurama's Bender and characters from other comic book series.

Overall, a fun way to spend about half an hour.

Next book: His Last Bow and Other Stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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