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Book #15

15. Three in Death by J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts), 355 pages, Mystery, 2008 (In Death, Book 7.5, 12.5, 22.5).

Three of the novellas, compiled in one volume! Lovely, and would have been even better if read in order with the full-length In Death novels (and quite a bit better if they had been in order in this volume).

(1) Interlude in Death (Book #12.5). Eve, Roarke, and the rest of the crew are at a police seminar on Roarke’s off-world resort, Olympus. A retired officer, a legend, has decided that Roarke needs to be taken down, and Eve is guilty by association. Things get really sticky when one of the legend’s bodyguards ends up dead in a stairwell. While her colleagues have no jurisdiction, they are invited to help before the Interplanetary Police have to take over.

(2) Midnight in Death (Book #7.5). A serial killer that Dallas had put away years ago has escaped, and on Christmas starts killing off those who put him behind bars, with Eve viewed as his endgame. There’s a lot packed into this story, especially some lovely early insight into Eve’s view of Dr. Mira. But I’m a little surprised that the events of this story aren’t mentioned more in the novels; it seems like a fairly transformative event.

(3) Haunted in Death (Book #22.5). The dead man is the descendant of the original owner of the property he died in – considered to be haunted by the musician he supposedly killed back in the 1970s. And there are plenty of spooky happenings that have both Peabody and Roarke in the believer’s camp. But Eve is having none of it, and sets about to solving not only her current murder, but also the murder of the young lady long gone.
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