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Book #7 and 8, Christopher Moore

Title: Fluke: or I know Why the Winged Whale Sings
Author: Christopher Moore
Genre: Fiction
fluke I have read a couple of Moore's books in the past and really enjoyed them. This one, on the other hand, was a bit difficult to get in to. Moore usually breaks his books into three parts. For Fluke, I felt that the first part was slow moving and just dragged for a bit. Of course, it did pick up in the second part. The story focuses on a marine biologist named Nathan Quinn and his crew. His research focuses on why Humpback whales sing, which has him and his team out all day recording and photographing whales. One day, Nate sees "Bite Me" written in big black letters across a whale's tail, but no one else sees it. Other strange things begin to happen to Nate and his team, their research facility is trashed and photos go missing. I'm afraid to spoil anything for those who want to read it.
  Christopher Moore can do one thing right, and that is make fascinating and hilarious characters. Everyone is so distinctly different from the others, which makes them, in my opinion, unforgettable.

Title: Coyote Blue
Author: Christopher Moore
Genre: Fiction
coyote blue I drive about an hour to and from work. To pass the time I decided to grab an audio book from my local library to listen to. I picked up Coyote Blue, thinking that would not actually be able to focus enough to read it. This was a good choice, the story was very entertaining and enjoyable to listen too. I'm too lazy to summarize the story, so here is a blurb from Moore's website:

As a boy growing up in Montana, he was Samson Hunts Alone — until a deadly misunderstanding with the law forced him to flee the Crow reservation at age fifteen. Today he is Samuel Hunter, a successful Santa Barbara insurance salesman with a Mercedes, a condo, and a hollow, invented life. Then one day, shortly after his thirty-fifth birthday, destiny offers him the dangerous gift of love — in the exquisite form of Calliope Kincaid — and a curse in the unheralded appearance of an ancient Indian god by the name of Coyote. Coyote, the trickster, has arrived to transform tranquillity into chaos, to reawaken the mystical storyteller within Sam . . . and to seriously screw up his existence in the process.
Good, fun book, with lots of funny moments. My favorite characters, because I want to share, have to be Coyote and M.F. I would read a book of just these two.
Tags: fiction, humor, sci-fi

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