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Book Report #4: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Oh, god. I'm so behind.
I admittedly also read this book and Dust Tracks on the Road for school, but they were both really engaging.

Janie is a very interesting character. On a superficial level, her first two husband seem to have each dominated her will with his own. Despite this, she still manages to have a rich inner life. She also does manage to assert herself when she's had too much. When she has no affection for her first husband, she leaves him, and when she can't stand Jody's controlling ways, she stands up for herself. But her third husband, Tea Cake, treats her as an equal, and she flourishes.

Their Eyes Were Watching God chronicles Janie's life after leaving home, but ultimately it is the story of Janie's growth into a bold, independent woman. She returns home alone, and completely capable of providing for herself.

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