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#47 Kevin Ashman: Roman - The Fall of Britannia (The Roman Chronicles).
I am sorry to say, that must be one of the worst books I've read in quite a while. The author evidently knows a lot about the Roman army and this knowledge and admiration for the efficiency of the Roman 'killing machine' is apparent. But that's about it. The protagonists are absolutely cartoonish and their attitudes are strange and not really believable. The 'true Roman' Cassus is constantly belittling and insulting his freeman Prydain and does not lift a finger to help him, and yet from time to time there is talk of the 'best friend of his childhood'. Erm...? The druids are seen by everyone (?) as a bunch of perverts, whom nobody dares to cross because they've got an army of their own. Erm...? There are many more erms, but I'll stop here.

#48 Linda Lafferty: The Drowning Guard: A Novel of the Ottoman Empire
I've enjoyed this book, which tells about Esma Sultane - a sister of the Ottoman Sultan, who tried to create a free world for women, when such freedom was unknown. However, there were a lot of loose ends and hints which never materialised.

#49 The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley
A nice collection which almost makes me want to read Dickens.

#50 Laini Taylor: Dreams of Gods and Monsters
A perfect end to a fantastic trilogy. I want more.
Tags: fantasy, historical romance, mystery

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