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Book 151: Birdman by Mo Hayder

Book 151: Birdman (Jack Caffery #1).
Author: Mo Hayder, 1999.
Genre: Police Procedural. Crime. Thriller.
Other Details: Paperback. 398 pages.

Greenwich, south-east London. Jack Caffery - young, driven, unshockable - is called to one of the most gruesome crime scenes he has ever seen. Five young women have been ritualistically murdered and dumped on wasteland near the Dome. Subsequent post-mortems reveal a singular, horrific signature linking the victims. Soon Caffery realises that he is on the trail of that most dangerous offender: a serial killer. Beset by animosity within the police force, haunted by the memory of a very personal death long ago, Caffery employs every weapon forensic science can offer to hunt him down. Because he knows that it is only a matter of time before this sadistic killer strikes again ... - synopsis from author's website.

After recently reading her latest in this series, Wolf, I dutifully returned to the beginning of the series. Birdman proved very strong stuff in terms of the level of violence and graphic details of torture and death. Actually, the descriptions were almost too much at times though I did enjoy it for the many twists and turns of the investigation.

I plan on sticking with this series as I want to follow more of Caffrey's story and see how he continues in his quest to unravel the mystery of his brother's disappearance. Strong but riveting crime fiction.
Tags: crime fiction, police drama, sexual violence

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