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Book 70

Crimson Spell, Volume 3Crimson Spell, Volume 3 by Ayano Yamane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The manga took a step I was hoping it would. It moved Vald and Havi's relationship to a new level. A good half of the manga was the battle between the two as Havi is possessed thanks to the other sorcerer. As things go really bad, Vald loses total control, morphing more fully into demon form. Even Rulca feels the need to try to battle the demo back because the familiar loves Vald as a master. (which is funny since Havi was the one who wanted him).

Halvrein, who is after Havi and the wandering swordsman arrived almost too late. Later Vald has to contend with what seems to be a more permanent change in his body thanks to the loss of control of the demon and has to face what is between him and Havi. I liked that it was out in the open since it was a little icky for me as it was.

This time there is plenty of plot and a lot less sex. Tthat is my preference in these things. The art remains beautiful. And for once, no tentacle rape.

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Tags: erotica, fantasy, glbt, manga

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