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Book #40: Does God Believe in Atheists? by John Blanchard

How past atheist and agnostic thinking shapes people's thinking today

Number of pages: 655

While Christianity is a major world religion, there have been many atheistic forms of thinking that go back many centuries (even more so than I thought), from the thinkings of ancient philosophers to Friederich Nietzche.

This book provides a history of these views, as well as explaining the differences between different religions (both major ones and cults) from traditional Christianity. Not surprisingly, the works of Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins are mentioned a lot in the book (particularly the latter).

In the second half of the book, writer John Blanchard examines all of the problems with these alternate views of thinking, effectively using his own Biblical, scientific and historical knowledge to debunk all other theories. For example, he mentions how Dawkins sees people as just a random collection of atoms and molecules, but Blanchard sets out what the probability of this even happening is, and shows how unlikely and absurd this is, as well as explaining one of the problems with not believing in a creator is that the universe could not have appeared from nothing, so there must have been something before it existed.

This book is very long, and feels quite difficult to begin with, but as a Christian I found it immensely enjoyable; it feels painstakingly researched, and I found it to be a good way to reinforce my own beliefs by explaining why the author believes the clains of the Bible to be true.

This is definitely worth reading for anyone religious or interested in the subject of theology.

Next book: The Dark Half (Stephen King)
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