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Graphic Adult Mystery Horror Therapy; Crystal Letters

The Reader's Advisory Guide to Graphic Novels, by Francisca Goldsmith; Cart's Top 200 Adult Books for Young Adult Readers, by Michael Cart; The Readers' Advisory Guide to Horror, by Becky Siegel Spratford; The Readers' Advisory Guide to Mystery, by John Charles et al</b>
Soooooo many reader's advisory books. Goldsmith's was very analytical, Cart's mostly book reviews (as advertised), Spratford's highly readable (no surprise if you've read her blog), and the mystery one made me think. And of course I added a slew of books to my absurdist read this soon list.
(155, 160, 163, 165)

No Crystal Stair, by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
A beautiful, poetic, copiously illustrated biography of Lewis Michaux, the once-famous Harlem bookseller. So delicious and interesting, and with the gritty parts left in.

Inside Therapy, edited by Ilana Rabinowitz
A collection of essays and excerpts about the titular topic - mostly fascinating with a few duds.

For the Love of Letters, by John O'Connell
This was light, but fun. Lots of the narrator's personal experiences/opinions, which I enjoyed.

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