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#53 Laini Taylor: Lips Touch
Three short stories, which I have really enjoyed.

#54 Kerry Greenwood: Death Before Wicket (audio, narrator: Stephanie Daniel)
Another elegant Phryne Fisher mystery. I like to get them in the audio format, so I can combine listening with a bit of knitting or cross-stitch. But why-oh-why cant the narrators check the unfamiliar words? This is not how you pronounce 'maori'. It took me awhile to realise what was meant.

#55 Philippa Gregory: The King's Curse
In a way, I have come full circle here. The first book I read by Philippa Gregory was 'The Constant Princess'about Queen Catherine. 'The King's Curse' starts with a wedding of Katherine of Aragon and prince Arthur, and goes from there. The narrator this time is Margaret Pole, daughter of the (in)famous Duke of Clarencem who was drowned in a barrell of malmsey. Unfortunately, I can't say I found her engaging or believable. She comes across as a person trying to stay away from any political intrigue, but still ends up in the Tower and is executed despite being innocent. Some would call it cowardice, but it is a very understandable one. However, Philippa Gregory, in her epilogue, explains that she believes, Margaret Pole did intrigue and participate in politics. Somehow, that did not come across. All in all, a somewhat unsatisfactory book.
Tags: fantasy, historical fiction, mystery

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