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Book 79

Bleach, Vol. 60: Everything But The Rain (Bleach #60)Bleach, Vol. 60: Everything But The Rain by Tite Kubo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one isn't possible to review in depth without ruining it for others but this is the first time I've enjoyed Bleach this much in ages. The story has come full circle.

This is the story of how Ichigo's parents met and it's nothing like I would have imagined. It's a hundred times cooler and more interesting. I didn't see this coming. Masoki Kurosaki is a great character and through her we see Isshin's former life as a soul reaper and we see Uryu's family as well.

Ichigo finally learns why his mother really died and how she shouldn't have in the first place. And when he returns to the Soul Society to have his zanpaku-to rebuilt, there is another twist I didn't see coming.

I still loathe the idea of the quincies being the enemy. It still makes little sense other than egos in play.

There are some brilliant pieces of art in this, especially of determined-face Ichigo. They're something "comic" art collectors would want.

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