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Book 80

Of Sun & Moon: Midnight Guardian Series, Book 1Of Sun & Moon: Midnight Guardian Series, Book 1 by Bryna Butler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I admit it, I tend to be a little generous with self-pubs when it comes to ratings (and actually she was a student from my university) but I will say it was more like 2.5 because this really did need tightening up a bit.

Keira is a tooth fairy but they're a little more tough than we're used to. They get a child to guard, a special child and Keira has been awaiting her first assignment. In the meantime she's been living with Nana her grandmother, so we assume, and hanging out with her best friend, the brainy Colby. Ann and Jumper, also friends from school round out the group until Colby falls for the rich popular girl, Brooke and Keira feels rather abandoned until she meets William.

SO we have a lot of your typical teen stuff in this but in the background is Keira's job. After she gets her charge things start happening. To be fair, kids were going missing before that but now there is a real threat to her and her friends. Naturally it falls to her to stop it.

Here is where the tightening up and a good editor would have helped. This takes place over an entire year, maybe a little more and there are too many places where the action is kind of pushed to the side in order to work in the teen dating stuff. There doesn't seem to be much sustained tension until mid-way through the book which is a bit too long. While I like Keira, Ann and Jumper needed fleshing out more. Colby never struck me as smart which is a problem.

So it's not a bad read but you could see the missed potential in places.

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Tags: urban fantasy, young adult

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