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Silver Kitty Incrementalists; Golden Crit Midwinterblood

The Incrementalists, by Steven Brust and Skyler White
The male protagonist of this novel makes it splendidly obvious that Steven Brust lived in Las Vegas for a good long time; it's fair to say that this is the book I was hoping Last Call would be. And the story as a whole was wonderful - exactly enough of most of the things that make for a book I will love. I particularly liked the way Ren thinks (which I assume is White's work, though I could be mistaken - truly coauthored books always have me trying to puzzle out who contributed what). The whole reminded me faintly of John Crowley's Love & Sleep, although neither of the story's voices sound like him and the two books don't really have much else in common. Somewhere along the way, Brust has become one of my authors to hoard against need, rather than to consume, but the temptation of just falling into his entire corpus is ever-growing.

Kitty Kitty, by Michelle Jaffe
Like Bad Kitty, this caper novel is fun, fluffy, over-the-top, and winsome. Now with added Italy! I recommend reading Bad Kitty first, though.

Ghost of Silver Cliff, by Jai Sen et al
A very satisfying sequel with a happy ending. And I continued to enjoy the silver wash in the art. Shiny! (Literally.)

Crit, by Andrew Kiraly
So I wanted to read this book because I really enjoyed one of the author's short stories about Las Vegas and I thought this book would be full of Las Vegas stuff.... except mostly it's about other things. It was well-written and interesting, but a month or two later, I've forgotten all but a few scenes.

The Golden Vine, by Jai Sen et al
This book was SPLENDID. Absolutely stunning full-color manga-style art - a gold wash used sparingly really adds to that - and a really interesting story. Basically it's an occult alternate history of Alexander the Great. Loved it. Wish it was in print, I would buy copies for me and some other people. (Didn't love it 100-ish bucks per book, but 20-ish, I would've sprung for repeatedly ...)

Midwinterblood, by Marcus Sedgwick
This book was creepy and compelling and I will want to read other books by this author, but it left me unsatisfied. Not unhappy, just ... sometimes you read a book that you like by an author you know you could LOVE if he were writing something different, you know?

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