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Book 81

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: AngelaGuardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: Angela by Brian Michael Bendis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like 2.5 stars. Some of it was very good. The beginning was though I will not forgive them for showing me Tony Stark's sex face. I so did not need that (though his dorky reason for going to bed with Gamora amused me).

I didn't know that Angela was Neil Gaiman's character who he got the rights back to since I never read the comics she was in. In one way she was interesting. She's from Heven and to her Earth is as much a story as heaven is to us. I'm not sure why angels in Heven need to be hunter warriors but that part was interesting. However, that costume, that is why women are screaming about exploitation in comics. She's got on her gold battle boob armor and almost nothing else (having Rocket comment on it, doesn't make it less offensive) in fact we're never sure if she's wearing bottoms or just that wide dumb belt. Not even getting into how is she wearing thigh-high scaled metal boots.

And then bam, the whole thing gets derailed. I was confused for a moment then realized this was one side of a much larger story. Sigh. I hate that. I stopped collecting comics regularly when they started pulling this crap where you have to read multiple comics to see the whole story (from the name dropping I'm betting Captain America, Iron Man and Avengers). In fact at some point Tony just disappears which is fine because he was sort of becoming a Rocket fan boy.

The story line with Peter defying his father gets muddied and suddenly Thanos is all over earth with an armada and Gamora is gone and this new person, Brand is there and I was officially lost (until like I said, I realized they had spread this storyline over multiple books not collected in the graphic novel).

So yeah disappointed. Some of the art was great (Pichelli's) and some not to much (to the point that the art and coloration was so bad I didn't realize Brand was human and not Gamora (which is pretty bad given she's green).

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